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We would like to invite you to share any memories you have of coming to Sloan’s Christmas Tree Village. You are welcome to send one picture along with a paragraph describing anything you want about your day with us.  We will then post your written and/or photographic memory on this page for others to read.  If you wish to remain anonymous, you may do so.  Otherwise, feel free to include your name, where you come from and how many years you have been coming to the Village.

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Arlene's Strait© Tree

Each year I have had the Christmas tree stand challenge! One year, being impatient, I put the tree up myself. I was so proud of myself until there was a loud crash in the middle of the night. Yes, the tree was on the floor but fortunately only a few Santa ornaments met their demise. Then I happened upon a Christmas tree stand from your Village with a pin in the middle (how clever I thought). I obtained the tree with a pre-drilled hole in the trunk and I am so happy that I am able to put up my beautiful tree easily without assistance every year.
I just wanted to say thank you!


Peter and Donna Synek having fun on the train

Hello, My husband and I having been coming to Sloans going on five years. We look forward to going and enjoy the activities and time around the fire. My family in AB and BC would love it!


Mary’s Early Tree

Dear John & Sheila

Thank you for letting us get our tree early.  I wait until after Remembrance Day before bringing the tree into the house.  I like looking at the tree undecorated for a week or two because it is like a huge green plant and has a natural scent.  Last year we had the tree in the house from the middle of November to Jan. 10 - 8 weeks and it still looked great.  I hated putting it out on the street.  Enclosed is a picture of last year's tree after I removed the decorations.  The top is trimmed so that the angel could be fitted. My son and I had fun digging out the tree on Saturday.  I made sure that we refilled the small hole.  If we have time, we'll likely join our children when they come to get their trees.  Have a nice Christmas.

God Bless,










Sherri Dale’s ’Photo of the Day’

My family spent the day at Emerald Acres a couple of weeks ago and had a great time! I am a photographer, so of course I took lots and lots of pictures of my family. I submitted one of the pictures from the day to a website which features a photo a day from somewhere on Earth. The pictures shown on the site come from all over the world: India, Pakistan, UK, Kuwait, France, etc. They chose my picture of my son waiting for the train from our day at Emerald Acres as the Photo of the Day for Christmas Day. The link to the website is:

I thought that you might like to take a look at it. I have had other pictures chosen as Photo of the Day, but I thought it was pretty prestigious to have the Photo of the Day for such a special day!

Thank you for having such a great place as Emerald Acres, it really is a wonderful day to spend as a family.

Sherri Dale


Michael and Mary Teeuwen's Christmas Tree


Amber Chudy's Story

I have been coming to Sloan's every year with my parents since I was a little girl. I do not remember a Christmas without coming to get my tree there. My boyfriend knew it was/is my favourite day of the year (I like getting my tree more than Christmas morning!) and so he proposed to me around the campfires on Dec 7, 2003. He stood up and yelled "HEY EVERYBODY!" and got down on one knee - when I said yes everyone cheered... I will never forget it! We were married the following April and we now have 2 beautiful children, Kierra (3) and Quinton (1) and I brought them in snugglies for their first Christmas trees, and we haven't missed a year. Missing my trip to Sloan's would be like missing Christmas - it just couldn't happen.

Thought I'd share. :) Here are some photos of Kierra's 2nd Christmas at Sloan's! I was behind the camera, my husband Owen is with her and so is my mom Sue.

I'm a photographer so I can't wait to take some amazing photos this year!!!
Amber Chudy
Painted Amber Photography
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