12 Months of Farming


HIBERNATE – ZZZZZ!!!! Staff take a well-deserved rest after farming all year and surviving the busy season. Now is time to reconnect with family and friends they haven’t seen for a while.


PLANNING – Evaluate the past year and plan for the future. It’s never too soon to think about Christmas for us.


FIREWOOD – With over 350 campfires going everyday of the season we need a lot. (90 cord). We are able to cut from the dead trees in our forest. Our crew consists of staff on chainsaws felling the trees and blocking the logs and staff on log splitting and stacking.


PLANTING – The land is prepared and marked for saplings arriving from ON & QB. Crew consists of a planter, tractor driver, tree separator and trampers straightening trees in the ground. White pine, spruce and firs are planted 4 ft apart.


FERTILIZING – We are on sandy soil & trees need Sulphur, potash, magnesium, manganese, nitrogen and phosphorus. This can be applied with a helicopter or employees manually spreading the fertilizer up and down the rows.

DECONING – Fir trees can grow hundreds of cones. These take important nutrients and energy from the branches which will start growing soon. Crews remove each cone careful not to hurt the branches or undeveloped buds.

WEED CONTROL – Clean fields are nicer for staff trimming and harvesting the trees and for customers cutting their tree down. It also deters mice from nesting under and eating trees. We use special equipment and employees backpacking to spray the weeds.


SCHOOL TOURS & YEAR END PARTIES – these are in full swing to finish out the school year

TRIMMING – It’s haircut time. When trees finish their new growth we trim the leader and branches to give them their full cone shape. Trees grow one foot a year. Crews use machetes, snips and pole trimmers.

BUILDING PROJECTS/ ACTIVITY UPGRADES – There is always something that needs to be built or improved in the Village.


WEED CONTROL – Those weeds don’t stop growing.

TRIMMING – Sooooo many trees!!

SUMMER VILLAGE – We have the village open for summer fun. Ziplines, pedal  cars, sand mountain, train rides, campfires and more are available. #Outdoorfun. #Birthdayparties. #sandalsnotsnowpants



BASELING – This task requires removing the bottom 8” of the tree from the ground up of 3-year-old trees. Provides clean stump when tree is ready for harvest.

LAND PREPARATION – Harvested fields are clear cut of unsellable trees, stumps are ground up, fields are picked of big roots and fields left fallow for a year.


FIELD WORK – We do a final treatment for weeds, finish tree trimming and grass cutting


BUILDING PROJECTS – Finishing touches to new builds or activity improvements


SCHOOL TOURS – We have forest exploring, team building and survival games available

VILLAGE MAINTENANCE – We are preparing equipment and buildings for harvest and customers.

WINTERIZE EQUIPMENT – Prepare equipment to sit unused for the winter months.


VILLAGE MAINTENANCE– We are cleaning buildings, setting up activities & decorating. Equipment is serviced and made ready for tree cutting and customer use.

VILLAGE OPENS – We open our village gates for people to celebrate traditions, play and cut their own Christmas trees.


SCHOOL TOURS – Students learn about Christmas tree farming & living things. And they enjoy all the attractions the village offers.

COMPANY PARTIES – What better way to get to know your co-workers and their families in an informal setting being festive and fun.

VILLAGE FUN – Weekdays are busy with school tours and weekends are busy with family & friends making memories.