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Make Sloan’s Village your group, business or team destination! Interact with your co-workers in a fun, festive outdoors environment and create lasting memories.

Sloan’s Village is a great choice for family friendly groups. We have many attractions that allow people of all ages, to play and enjoy the holiday season and some attractions that encourage larger numbers of your group to participate in some friendly competition.

A designated area with campfires will be reserved for your group. Organizers are welcome to bring your own food to cook over the fire or rent a pavilion to bring crock pots and decorate for your get together.

Several package options are available for your group.

Please note, large propane tanks are not permitted and our farm is alcohol free.
Contact us at 519-702-4691 for further information and to book your group.

the details...

We have a coupon system that lets you pay only for the families that attend and the products that are approved for purchase. Companies can also choose to rent a pavilion and book a specific day for their company to come together, or you can have open-ended coupons and your staff can come when they are available.

We send your company two types of coupons in advance. These coupons will have your company name on them. Our staff collects these coupons, and an invoice is sent to your company for only the number used. Please note, a deposit will be required for companies who have not booked with us in the past. In addition, there is a $50 administration fee.

Companies can choose to pay for any combination of items for their staff. These items include tickets for admission, tree, food vendor, crafts and cookie kits.


Looking for a fun way to boost morale and build connection among colleagues. Team building activities and games can help break down barriers among employees and create an environment that is nice to work in. Team members get to work together on exciting and challenging activities and can display their skills and talents, not normally expressed in the workplace.
Contact us at 519-702-4691 for further information and to book your group.

Pavilion Rentals

Pavilions help centralize your group and provide counters & hydro for crock pots and supplies. Bring decorations to really help celebrate your birthday party, corporate event or family gathering.