Welcome to Sloan’s Village


Sloan’s Village is owned and operated by John & Sheila Sloan who have preserved the forest and successfully farmed Christmas trees on the surrounding farmland for decades. John’s parents, William & Jean Sloan started growing pine and spruce trees in 1950, selling harvested trees from their front yard in Bothwell. When supply was low, customers asked if they could go look in the field themselves for a tree and that is how the u-cut began.

In 1998, the u-cut took on a permanent location on Zone Rd. #7. Previously, customers would drive to Bothwell and look for the signs pointing to the location of the field for that year. With the development of a fixed location, we were able to add activities and campfires for families to enjoy.

New tree varieties continue to be discovered, grown, and offered to customers as perfect Christmas trees. The Fraser Fir grows the best in our sandy soil and is best loved for its smell and needle retention. Over time the u-cut has become a winter wonderland offering more than a dozen activities, hundreds of campfires, and unique local vendors resulting in a fun-filled festive day. Sloan’s Village has become a favourite Christmas destination for company parties and family celebrations.

Since 2010, we have been ‘branching’ out by offering school field trips during the Christmas season. These trips have been identified as being a fun and memorable day for students, teachers, and parents. Sloan’s Village continues to develop educational programs which encourage students to have fun while they learn, explore, and play in our Carolinian forest and Christmas tree fields. In addition, we have developed a team building course, whereby participants from schools and companies can build connections in a challenging and different environment.

In 2020, we developed a second Village to handle the growing number of customers, which helped us during the Covid provincial shutdowns. We decided to open this Village to customers during the summer months. No longer bundled in snowsuits, families can enjoy playing and climbing and rolling with the warm sun on their backs.

And this is where we are today with the next adventure yet to be decided. Whatever it is we look forward to sharing them with the amazing families that have made us a part of their adventures.