There’s a little Bit Of Magic

In a real Christmas tree


Under 10ft: $80 (includes HST)

10ft and over: $115 (includes HST)

Pre-cut trees: prices and selection vary.

Please note that “Charlie Brown” and tabletop trees are found in this area. Please do not cut down our small trees.


fraser fir

  • Needles: soft, short and flat; green with silvery underside; fuse to tree as it dries out
  • Shape: narrow, good spaces for ornaments
  • Scent: fragrant
  • Lasts about 6 weeks


  • Needles: soft, short and flat; dark green with silvery underside
  • Shape: full looking
  • Scent: less fragrant
  • Last about 4 to 6 weeks

White Pine

  • Needles: long, soft; grouped in 5; light ornaments only
  • Shape: very full bodied
  • Scent: mild fragrance
  • Last about 4 weeks

Please note that we do not guarantee:

  • That each type of tree will be available for cutting every year.
  • That all types will be available at both village locations.
  • That trees will hold their needles for the listed time above. Real Christmas trees are a crop and the length of needle retention can be impacted by many factors beyond our control, such as: rainfall throughout the year, weather trends through the season and even tree genetics.


  • Keep tree away from things such as fireplaces and heaters that may prematurely dry tree.
  • Use a good quality tree stand that will hold the tree securely and hold at least 4 L of water. Click to read about our Stand Strait™ Product.
  • Before you put your tree up make a fresh straight cut about one inch from bottom. This opens the tree trunk so it can take water.
  • Keep the tree outdoors out of the wind and sun until you are ready to put it up.
  • Trees are thirsty and can drink up to 4 L of water daily. If you allow water level to drop below the bottom of the tree, a seal will form just as it does on a cut flower, and a new cut will be necessary.


know your vehicle

know your vehicle

Bring rope to secure the tree to your car. Tie tree with stump facing forward.

know your home

know your home

Measure the height of your ceiling or you could end up shortening your tree trunk when you get home.

tools of the trade

tools of the trade

We have saws to borrow or bring your own. No chainsaws. Sawzalls permitted.

That’s a wrap

That’s a wrap

We will wrap your tree with twine to help make it easier to attach to your car and get it in your house.

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